$4.99 USPS Priority Mail Shipping On All Domestic Orders

Next business day shipping!

All orders placed by 11:59 pm est will ship the next business day.  Please understand that this is not a money back guarantee.  Things can and do happen on occasion that may delay an order.  

How much will it cost to ship my order?  To determine the cost of shipping use the shipping rate calculator at the bottom of your cart.  If there is not a rate for your country please contact info@itcvapes.com to see if we can add you.

How will I know my order has shipped?  Once the shipping label is printed you will receive an automated email with a link to the tracking info.  Please allow 5-10 hours for the tracking info to update.  If you do not receive a tracking number it is most likely due to an error with the email address provided with you order.

It has been more than one business day since I placed my order, why hasn't it been fulfilled?  Although we strive to ship every order the next business day, there is always the chance of delay.  There are days when we simply cannot get all of the orders processed in time to ship. These orders will be fulfilled the following business day.  ALL first time orders that have an incorrect billing address/ AVS error will be held until the customers identity can be confirmed.  If we are unable to make contact with the customer, the order will be cancelled after 5 days. At times an order will not appear on our manifest and end up being overlooked.  We are human and we do make the occasional oversight.  If your order is delayed due to our negligence we will gladly compensate the cost of shipping for our mistake.   

 The tracking info has an expected delivery day that has already past. Where is my order?  We use USPS exclusively for all retail orders.  To be blunt, USPS is horrible!  They constantly delay their shipments, sometimes days and days past the expected delivery date provided.  We do not have a special relationship with USPS and can do no more than you to confirm the status of a shipped package.  We recommend calling the post office, as this sometimes makes the package miraculously move again.  If your package does not arrive within 21 days after the date of shipment, we will send a replacement free of charge. Regardless of the circumstances, we will not reship a lost order before 21 days have passed from the day the package was shipped.  International orders will not be reshipped until 45 days after the order was shipped.  

We know this sounds like we do not care about you or your order's arrival.  We understand that it is terribly inconvenient when you are out of juice.  There simply isn't anything we can do to fix the situation.  I'm sure you're wondering by now, why do we use USPS if they are so inconsistent?  Trust us when we say, we would love to use another shipping service.  The problem is, a package that costs $2.50 to ship with USPS, costs $10+ to ship via UPS or Fedex.  So for anyone with a USPS delayed order, we apologize and truly wish there was more we could do to help.

I paid for 2-3 day Priority Shipping and my package still has not arrived.  Unfortunately USPS will not guarantee their estimated delivery dates and they are very quick to let you know.  We understand that money does not grow on trees and when you pay for expedited shipping you expect faster service.  With that being said, Priority mail is a service provided by USPS and we cannot be held responsible for/offer a refund for delayed orders shipped via Priority mail.

The tracking info says my order was delivered but it is not here.  Don't panic immediately.  Occasionally USPS mail carriers will scan their packages as delivered all at once to make their day easier (even though they are not supposed to do it).  More often than not they will deliver the package the following day.  For packages marked as delivered that do not arrive, it is OUR decision whether or not the package will be replaced.  Please note that once the tracking information says "delivered" we are not responsible for the package.  We understand that this is very inconvenient but we are not responsible for packages that are stolen from a mailbox or doorstep.

Do you offer discrete shipping?  Standard domestic orders will ship with a return address labeled with our company name.  International orders ship by default without any mention of vapes/vaping other than the actual product description on the "items included" lines.  If you would like to receive your shipment without mention of vaping, please request discrete shipping in the additional comments box located in your shopping cart.

What if my order was "returned to sender"?  Occasionally an order will be returned to us as undeliverable.  The two most common reasons for an undeliverable parcel are an incorrect shipping address provided by the customer or a refusal to accept by the receiving countries customs.  If your package is returned to us due to our own negligence we will reship the order free of charge.  If the parcel is returned to us due to an incorrect address or customs refusal, the customer will be responsible to pay for the reship.  The customer may also choose to receive a refund minus the cost of shipping and a 15% restocking fee. (Why a restocking fee?  Eliquid is a consumable item and cannot be reused or resold once it leaves/comes back to our facility.)

Do you ship packages internationally?  International shipping is available via USPS First Class International Mail and USPS Priority Mail International.  Due to the nature of International shipping we cannot make any guarantees or even estimations pertaining to shipping times.  We do not accept any responsibility for issues with customs or customs fees. Please note, packages rejected or confiscated by customs will not be replaced or refunded.  It is 100% against the law to alter the customs declaration on our packages so please do not email requesting that we label your order as a gift, food grade flavoring, or decrease the dollar value.  By placing an international order with ITCVapes, you the customer agrees that any/all shipping responsibilities are out of our hands once your package is received by USPS.

 Please know your countries importation laws pertaining to e-liquid before placing an order.