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Black Magic Review: link to review

10/10 "Let me start by saying that I'm conservative with my "10" ratings. For me, this highest rating requires not only that an ejuice have mind blowing flavor, excellent vapor production and a fair amount of complexity to keep me engaged, but also a reasonable price point which creates a strong value. And it doesn't hurt to notice that I can't seem to stop vaping the damn stuff. Black Magic hits the mark. The fresh, natural tartness of the blackberry greets you on the inhale, then a warm, pillowy shortcake taste envelopes the exhale. All in perfect balance and harmony. The base flavors here are of obvious quality, but it's the masterful mixing that elevates this flavor to a higher status of...dare I say, art?  Dripped on Nemesis RDA with dual coils at .05 ohms"

ITCVapes Facebook link to page

"Let me just say that I have NEVER felt the need to come to a juice vendors page and tell them what I think of their juices......We have been vaping for 18 months and have tried juices from almost every mainstream vendor plus Giant Vapes (my fave). I saw a review on ECF but was hesitant to order because of the prices, but also intrigued to order because of the same exact reason...Let me tell you, your juices came today and my fiancee and myself sat down with nine 15 mls........We LOVED every single one (he wasn't crazy for Thrasher but I'm the absinthe lover). I am blown away! I expected to "like" them but NOT LOVE them! You have gained a life long customer! Thank you"

FROM ECF  link 

post #629  Well I gave in..and am not disappointed in the least! Out of the 6 I sampled (Samoan, Black Magic, Heaven's Bounty, Dirty Dutchman, Spoonlicker V2, Dragons Dew) I could easily tank 5/6 after only 2 days steeping. The only one I didn't like very much was Dirty Dutchman, and I think that is due to my dislike for RY4....(I detest Nicoticket's H1N1 if that helps clarify lol)....very happily surprised! Now my goal is to look out for sales and stock up for when I run out of my current stockpile!
Anywho...totally ecstatic about this new vendor, and thank you Sarah for sharing your enthusiasm about this company. Never have I ever enjoyed 5/6 flavors from ANY vendor I have ordered samples from.

post #138  received 4 of their juices today. and they are in fact well made... Flavors are well mixed and the juice performs well! I think a lot of people would enjoy these... the spoonlicker is a lot like suicide bunny's mothers milk. Got thrasher, heavens bounty and wintermint. I didn't connect strongly with these flavors except the trasher... but I'm more of a menthol guy... In my opinion, these are as good as a lot of the newer juices I've tried lately... Every bit as good as most of those $22/bottle juices  I'm going to recommend these guys to lot of people.

post #110  Tried spoon licker fresh from the mail box and its really good. It tastes a lot like nickoticket's strawnilla but a little different. High quality juice right here and the price guarantees they just got a new customer. I emptied the kayfun and am now trying heaven's bounty. The wick is transitioning between flavors so i'll report back. Good stuff, no compromise on quality and flavor and priced so that I can actually be a repeat customer long term. Amazing.
The heaven's flavor is coming through more. This is some seriously good stuff. Are you kidding me? Maybe i'll post an image of my cart later tonight from their site. That should speak louder than words regarding my opinions here.

post #330 I'm shocked at how quickly I'm going though the Silver RY4 - my 15 ml that I got a couple weeks ago is almost gone (which is fast for me, considering I love to vape a ton of different flavors, and I have 15 ml bottles that are 3 months old!) There is definitely enough complexity in ITCVapes' juices to keep me coming back, over and over...

No knock necessarily on Killer Juice and MBV, but I have half-empty bottles from them that are 3-4 months old, I sort of vape them because I hate to be wasteful...

post #149  I personally like spoonlicker more then Stripper cake... Thats just my 2c though. Both are very good. Then add the price differance and its a no brainer lol.

post #284 I'm vapen the crap out of the Spoonlicker V2 as we speak. Being not fair to compare it yet, Its in the company of four other premium strawberry and cream or very similer profile juices. I'm a berry and cream craver/snob. So when I do give my full and final opinions it will be heavily scrutinized. So far I'm impressed. It still has a lot of flavor develop potential as the cream has just started to do it's thing.
But I can comment on one thing and that's the clean VG base and big clouds it is producing.
Altho not so suprising to me as my last order from ITC was the same way. To me it just shows they didn't cheap out on VG when they lowered the price.
That's just a single coil 28g and .8mm ribbon twisted pair at .6ohms

post #261  So far I've tried Lemon Custard Bar and Spoon Licker OG from the order I received last week. I am impressed. REALLY especially enjoying the Spoon Licker - vaping on it right now and will re-order a big bottle of this for sure. Used both of these in my kayfun with a 1 ohm coil. Nice vapor production, great flavor. I'm very, very impressed so far and I'm a bit of a juice snob! I love that I can chain vape on these in an RBA all day and not worry about the price!

post #164  I can't think of any lower priced vendors of high VG juices that compare to ITC's quality, thier max VG is awesome.

post #277/279   NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I am out of black and blue cheese and only have a little 0mg Spoonlicker V2 (I don't know why I did 0mg). I think I have to go with 120ml next time. That black and blue cheese, after steeping, is going to be my new ADV. It is incredible. I highly recommend it

It has become my new favorite flavor easily, and I have only had 15ml. I am craving more and at these prices, I will definitely be getting more. Thank you so much Sarah for leading me to a very affordable ADV with excellent customer service.

post #275  Dirty Dutchman is my crack- plan and simple. To me it is a perfect balance of cigar tobacco and quality chocolate with a caramel taste in the back. I have quite a few ADVs but this is the one I go back to the most. It has a definite tobacco taste. If I didn't love dirty dutchman so much I would prob vape the gold or silver more...LOL

post #219  Well I have tried all the flavors. The silver ry4 is good, but after staying away from tobacco, it reminds me of a cigarette again which is meh. I will vape it, but I just don't know if it personally fits my palate anymore. It would be excellent if you're first trying to quit. I really dislike coconut, so heavens bounty is good but not really for me. Summer breeze is excellent, spoonlicker v2 is incredible, and black and blue cheese (after steeping) is impossible to put down.

post #253  Got in a 30ml of wintermint last week to try out, very nice ADV with the right amount of flavor, I think it would also be good to mix with other flavors for an added treat. It defiantly wont be my last order from ITCvape, you simply cant beat the prices for the quality you get. I think Im gonna take the plunge and order a 120ml of Spoon licker and maybe a 30ml of Heavens Bounty to try as well.

post #274  Munchies tastes just like a chocolate eclair with nuts. I only dripped it a bit last night so I can't give a long description. It's light pastry with a great chocolate flavoring and just the right amount of nuts. If prob vape it after dinner. Not sure if I would vape it 24-7 but I really like it :-)

post #289  After being impressed with Spoonlicker V2 I moved on too Black Magic.
This juice IS magic, and it's not fully developed it's cream/cake notes fully.
Tart and sweet but not overly on either one, it's just perfection.
I have a feeling it may be mind blowing to me once fully steeped. Altho I'm kinda worried I won't have the will power to wait that long to inhale the rest of the bottle.
I gotta say thanks Sarah for this thread so I'd see these new flavors, And Luke also as you hit the nail on the head with these new juices.
Once I finish off these 10ml's of BM I'm moving on to the Lemon Bar

post #285  I am vaping the three juices I got the other week from ITCVapes at a much faster pace than usual as well .... they are very compelling in their own way, with high quality bases, glad the prices are reasonable and that I ordered three more juices this week

post #291  so far the dragon dew is exceeding my expectations. Its delicious! Gone through almost 10,mls today which is extremely rare for me.

post #210  The turkish is great IMO, I describe it as sort of a camel wide flavor but better.

post #292  I just tried the Lemon Bar, it seems to need steeping the most of my three juices.
It's very well done, I'm just not a big lemon fan. But was worth a shot. The lemon is sweet and lite and the creamyness is well balanced. I'll definetly have to revisit it in a week.
In a few days too a week I'll post back my options once the juices have time to at least get a decent minimum steeping. Overall I'm highly impressed and I'll be reordering the Spoonlicker V2 and Black Magic soon after these have steeped.

post #301 I just thought I would give a quick update. As I said before, black and blue cheese is easily my favorite. It is fantastic. The spoonlicker v2 was excellent in 50/50, but I am not fond of the max vg (vg always tastes weird to me so that more of a personal problem). The heavens bounty isn't really for me at all as I can't say I am fond of coconut, but I can tell it would be tasty to someone else. The summer breeze does not taste good when sub ohming as the heat destroys the flavor, but I might try it in my pt2. I tried the silver ry4 again, and I have to say, it is making me feel like I am smoking tobacco again. It is fantastic. It took awhile to get back to that routine, but I will definitely include some of it in my next order. It looks like I might just need to place another order, and this time that I know what I am getting, I don't know how I am going to wait for my vape mail for 5 days.

post #312  Ok, my three latest yummies got here today, and I couldn't resist trying them out of the box. First impressions:

Turkish blend - strong rich tobacco, less sweet flavor then the Silver RY4. Noticeably strong cigar-like smell on the vapor. I'll let it steep so the flavors can combine better.

Melon twist - nice rich fruity flavor of melon and watermelon, riding over a subtle lemonade. Verty tasty and refreshing, the lemonade is not too tart or sweet. I like it out of the box.

Lemon custard bar - Wow. Just....wow. Delectable pastry/custardy flavor dominates...this in itself is sooooo good! And then let's not forget a bit of bright lemon to zing it off....I can tell this is going to be really special given some time to steep.
I'm very impressed.

Post #313 Spoon licker v2 is awesome. Strawfalle is good too

I've been using different e-cigs since 2009. I've bought a lot of e-juice in that time. Over the last 5 years I have discovered a handful of flavors I enjoy. Last November I discovered a company that has hands down blown every juice out of the water. ITC vapes was a new company that I had not heard of, but they had a killer sale so I tried a bunch of flavors. Black Magic is by far the best juice I've tried. It is amazing. It vapes great in either a pro tank or an RDA. The flavor is just perfect, just the right blackberryness with cake and who knows what else. Perfect.

Every other juice I have gotten there has been great too. They come in glass dropper bottles, and the taste very high quality. Spoon licker is another favorite. It's not your typical boring vanilla. It's like a vanilla pudding. The banana berry is very good. Bug juice is good if you like a sour kinda citrus. Hypnotic twist is a good one too. Beezlebubs nectar is a good cinnamon flavor.
The price is quite reasonable. 120 ml for about $30, or about $13 for 30ml.
I've ordered 4 separate juice orders since november. Their flavors are my go-to picks.

Silver RY4:
Oh.......I've tried the Silver, all right, and let me be the first to say CONGRATS on making an RY4 worthy of the name!! Not every RY4 is "on the money".........Silver, now that IS the money!!! I've been a Vaper since 2009.........I know good RY4 when I taste it. You ever change it, you'll be messing up BIG TIME!!


I tried this RY4 blend based on Bill's reviews on ECF http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/general-e-liquid-reviews/193327-really-big-ry4-roundup-long-492.html. This blend of RY4 received a B+. For those of you who are unaware, that is pretty darn good. Bill has reviewed more RY4's than most vapors and this blend surpassed ALOT of good RY4 offerings in the ejuice market.
With that said, MY opinion is that this is definitely an A+ RY4. I purchased this 30 ml juice at 18 mg (50/50). It was tried and tested in both a mini Davide and a Hypertank. It is not an overly sweet juice, more "mellow-like" sweet. This juice has a very clean flavor consisting of an even blend of light carmel with a vanilla bean and smooth tobacco undertone. Further, the juice has a light throat hit with an excellent vapor production. I love big clouds of vapor!
"PERFECT" is the only word I have to describe this blend of RY4.
I am not finished with the bottle and have already firmly stated that I want a 120 ml bottle for Christmas (not a pairs shoes, a purse or some jewelry). This is my new BFF...I will have a tank of this RY4 blend at all times in my collection.
Congratulations ITC Vapes on a job well done!

ECF reviews:

I want to share an awesome juice company that I have absolutely fallen in love with, ITC VAPES.

First I will share a little background. I am the type that is always in search for the BEST juice but at a reasonable price. I started out with Vape dudes and MBV. Vape Dudes was good but too expensive in my opinion. I used MBV for quite a while especially in the beginning when I first started vaping. Once I moved on I tried Yaeliq and I was a loyal customer for over a year. Other juices I used to order from were Mister-E, greenmans, mountain oak-- just to name a few. I loved Yaeliq, they have great choices, prices and wonderful customer service but after a while I found myself still wanting something else….something more.

I have quite a few friends that kept suggesting ITC Vapes and for quite a while I kept resisting. Once I find a company I tend to stay loyal. One day I finally decided to order some 15mL’s to try it out. My husband and I were immediately blown away. I never noticed how harsh other juices were until I tried ITC Vapes. You can tell that they put so much thought and time into their juices, unlike some places that just flavor their juice, this company actually puts a lot into their blends. Just recently they decided to drop their prices to be competitive with one of the cheapest and well known juice companies. There is a coupon code for an additional 10% off (ITC10) and here are the prices: 15mL: $4.99 30mL: $7.99 120mL: $19.99.

I am only sharing this because I don’t think you should have to pay expensive prices for premium juice and I found a company that fits that bill. There are no other motives other than wanting to share a gem that I have found. I have not tried a juice that isn’t awesome. There are a few that aren’t my cup of tea but never tried one that I thought was bad. My ADV’s are Dirty Dutchman, Black and Blue Cheesecake, Heavens Bounty, Black Magic and Spoon licker. They recently came out with any new flavors and can‘t wait to try them. At the prices they have now- its worth a try. You won’t be disappointed if you try their juice!!! Just google "itcvapes". (They are actually a registered ECF vendor)



I won a sample pack of juice from ITCVapes on this forum. If you have not checked out there thread then by all means go check it out. The last 10 pages are mostly people who have won or tried this juice singing praise! Yes they are that good. 
I will be doing my best to explain my opinions of the flavors I tried. This may not be the flavor profiles that were intended but this is what I tasted. 
RY4 50/50 12mg: OMG! This is one tasty vape! One draw off of this flavor and I was hooked! The tobacco notes are very subtle in this juice but it is PACKED full of flavor. The nutty flavor you would expect from ry4 but with a blend of caramel and honey flavors. Very sweet inhale with the tobacco shining through on the exhale.
Beelzebubs Nector 50/50 12 mg: I had been waiting to try a cinnamon vape for a while, I am glad I tried this one. It is really a tricky vape. As in the description on the site they nailed it on the head.

Wintermint 50/50 12 mg: This was a very nice treat. The mellow minty flavors of spearmint and wintergreen. Flavor was very rich without being overpowering. I really enjoyed this vape.

Bananaberry dream 50/50 12 mg : The banana flavor that even non banana lovers will enjoy. Its proven, just check out the itc giveaway post! Very real tasting banana flavor with just the right amount of berry deliciousness. This was a great all day vape.
Hypnotic Twist 50/50 12 mg : I would not have been able to point out the flavor without reading the description. All I knew was it was a very fruity and highly enjoyable vape. After reading the description, I realized it was a orange flavor with a subtle hint of cream. I could swear that they are not mentioning all the flavors that went into this flavor 
Bug Juice 50/50 12 mg: If you like gummy bears or worms then you will love this. I swear you can almost taste each color of gummy in this juice.
Most of these flavors I would not have ordered on my own. I am glad I won the sample pack from ITCvapes. I was able to try juices that were outside my comfort zone and am now hooked on. Other simple fruit flavors are fine. ITC has way more sophisticated flavors then my previous vapes. Thanks again to ITC and I hope this helps someone try a juice or 2 from them 


I ordered four 30ml bottles of they're juice during they're Black Friday sale and here's what I thought about them:
Ry4: This was the first pre-mixed ry4 (I've made some DIY) that I've tried and it's just great. Upon the initial inhale you get that tobacco/nutty flavor and upon exhale you get a really smooth and sweet caramel/vanilla flavor. This is a really smooth and relaxed vape for me, the flavors all complement each other very well and nothing seems to overpower the other.
Beelzebub's Nectar: This was an interesting one! It's primarily a sweet citrus/cinnamon flavor when you first inhale and then when you exhale you get more of that spicy cinnamon flavor. Under the juice description it states: "Exhale through your nose and beelzebub changes it up again with hints of sweet and spicy warm licorice.", I didn't really notice any licorice flavor and if it was there, it was very light. I'm not really a fan of cinnamon flavors but I gotta say, this one really hits the spot! If you like cinnamon flavors (with a twist) I highly recommend trying this one out.
Wintermint: This one's pretty much a creamy,slightly sweet, spearmint flavor with that cool menthol kick. I like mint flavors so this one was a winner for me. Imo it tastes kinda like an original flavored Rolaid (if you've ever had one). Not really much else to say, if you like menthol, or spearmint to be more specific, you can't go wrong with this one.
Summer Breeze: This is a smooth mix of different fruit flavors, the dominant flavor that I get is very much a melon type flavor. Honestly to me it tastes very much like a creamy type of Starburst flavor. It's hard to pinpoint anything else tbh, the flavors blend together so well it tastes like a single flavor. This one is yet another win in my book, maybe not something I'd vape 24/7 but definitely enjoyable if you like fruit flavors as much as I do.
All in all I'm very pleased with what I ordered from ITC Vapes, they have some very good quality juices, they're prices aren't all that bad either. Another plus is that they bottle all they're e-liquids in nice glass dropper bottles. I will definitely be trying out more of they're juices in the future and if you haven't already, I recommend trying them out .