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Loyalty Rewards Program

Earn Points For Every Purchase Made 

How the points work:  

Points accumulate and can be used to purchase $ discount codes to apply toward juice orders.  You get to choose when to cash in on your points. Use your points regularly for small discounts or save them up for big savings.

The Loyalty Rewards Program was launched on November 3rd, 2015.  Any order placed on or before 11/3/2015 does not qualify for reward points.  

*While any purchase, whether it be juice, hardware, or D.I.Y. will earn points, loyalty discounts may only be applied to juice*

*Loyalty Rewards are excluded from the cost of tax, shipping, and/or discounts*

* Loyalty Rewards discount codes do not apply to your entire order *

* Each discount code may be applied to only one juice item in your cart *

* Loyalty Reward discount codes may be applied to only ONE order *

 How to Earn Points:

Earning points is simple. After you have logged into your customer account, click the blue tab that reads LOYALTY REWARDS at the middle right of your screen (bottom of screen for mobile).  Next click EARN POINTS and you will be on your way.

How to Redeem Points:

Click the blue LOYALTY REWARDS tab on the right side of screen.  From there you may purchase discount codes with your points earned.  You will be issued a unique discount code. Be sure to save the code in a secure location as we are unable to reissue discount codes purchased with rewards points.

* Points expire after one year, so make sure you remember to use them. Limit one account per household. Please note: the Loyalty Rewards Program is just that: a reward. Any customers found attempting to fraud or abuse the points program will find their accounts deleted and orders canceled. If multiple accounts are found for one household, all but one account will be deleted and you will not get to keep the points from the deleted accounts. Terms are subject to change.

*Points can not be combined from two separate accounts.   Each discount code earned can be applied to only one order.  Any remaining balance will not carry over for future orders.