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October 02, 2016


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How to Avoid Shipping Delays

If you would like to see your order ship the very next business day, be sure to follow these tips:

  • Ensure that the telephone number used to complete age verification matches the phone number on your account - this is very important
  • Ensure that the name used to complete age verification matches the name the order is being shipped to - this is very important
  • Ensure that the name used to complete age verification matches the name on your account 
  • Ensure that the order is not being shipped to a business or any type of commercial property
  • Ensure that the order is being shipped to a residential address with an actual home on the property
  • Ensure that you use the correct billing address to avoid being flagged as an AVS failure (address verification system tied to the billing address associated with your credit card)
August 12, 2016


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Enforcing BlueCheck Age Verification

Before reading any further we would like to say that this is obviously not something we prefer to enforce.  Please refrain from sending emails complaining about submitting the last four of your social security number or your date of birth.  We get it.  We're with you. For a lack of better words, we think it is entirely BS!  

With that said, our priorities are to continue providing an affordable line of juice to our customers and offering jobs for our employees.  Without enforcing age verification, our priorities will quickly become impossibilities.  


We're finding that some orders are making their way through without successful BlueCheck age verification.  If your order succeeds without age verification it WILL NOT ship until the age verification process is completed.  No exceptions will be made.  Please save yourself the time of emailing us explaining that you already have completed the age verification process, how annoying it is to have to do it twice, etc.  We are not going to make exceptions! 

If you feel your order made it through without successful age verification:

  1. add another item to your cart
  2. proceed with the checkout process as if you were placing another order
  3. click the continue to shipping method box and the age verification window will appear
  4. complete the necessary steps to be age verified and you will be all set

If the necessary steps are not completed we will send an email with instructions on completing age verification before your order ships.

We sincerely thank you for jumping through all these hoops,


August 04, 2016


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240 ml Disappearing Act

As you may or may not have noticed, we no longer have 240 ml bottles on our site.  No, we did not get rid of them to make your life harder or charge more money for two 120 ml bottles.  On July 26th the first federal law regulating eliquid became effective.  The "Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act" or  CFR Title 16, Part 1700.20 requires that any eliquid product containing nicotine must be sold in "certified" bottle/crc cap combinations.  Long story short, we have yet to source 240 ml bottles that have a legitimate certification.  



July 19, 2016


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What is going on with ITC's shipping?

Recently residents of Utah, California, Indiana, & Texas have not been able to place an order through our site.  Unfortunately this is not simply a processing error.  Recent laws have come into effect that make it illegal for us to ship ejuice to the aforementioned states.

In a nutshell, California and Texas require that we confirm date of birth.  If everything goes as planned we should be processing orders as usual by Friday July 8th.  

On the other hand, Indiana and Utah have taken more drastic measures to keep ejuice from entering your mailbox.  Indiana has completely sealed their borders from incoming juice orders.  Utah has eliminated online retail orders of eliquid, while those with a tobacco resale license may purchase liquids for authorized resale purposes only.  With that said, if you're looking for ITC juice in Utah be sure to demand it at your local vape shop.

Although there is an abundance of online retailers stating that they plan to ignore these laws, we at ITC plan to comply to avoid the possible repercussions in the future.

If you interested in reading more about the laws:

Utah HB 415

California SB-5

Texas SB97

Indiana 1386



July 28, 2014


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60/40, 30/70, or Max VG

E-juice consists of two base ingredients: Propylene Glycol or PG & Vegetable Glycerin or VG.  The only other ingredients are the flavoring which come in a PG base, and the nicotine which comes in either a PG or VG base.  That's it. There are absolutely zero other ingredients in our juices.

VG is a thick, slightly sweet to the taste liquid.  It is plant based and all natural. Many prefer a juice with more VG because it creates more vapor (bigger clouds) and tends to be easier on the throat than PG. 

Propylene Glycol or PG is thinner than VG. It carries or holds flavor better than VG.  PG attributes to some of the throat hit your juice provides (along with the nicotine and flavoring used). Some people are more sensitive to PG than others, while some are even allergic to PG.

We receive a lot of questions asking about the difference between our PG/VG blends.  Here is a run down:

Our 60/40 is 60% PG and 40% VG.  60/40 is best used in a "clearomizer" tank setup (excluding subohm tanks) to include: CE4, CE5, Kanger Protank/EVOD/T2/T3S, Aspire Nautilus, etc. 

Our 30/70 is 30% PG and 70% VG. 30/70 is significantly thicker than our 60/40 blend.  Since there is less PG in the blend you will notice the juice to be a little smoother and it will create more vapor.  30/70 performs the best in subohm tanks but will also perform quite well in an RDA/dripper.  Although many clearomizer users vape 30/70, please be warned that it may be too thick to wick properly in certain tanks causing frequent dry hits.

Our max VG is 100% VG minus the PG based flavoring used.  Max VG will only wick properly in certain subohm tanks while you will experience dry hits in others.  Max VG performs the best in an RDA/dripper setup.





February 09, 2014


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Stop throwing away your protank coils

Here is a 5 minute fix that will not only allow you to keep reusing your coils, it will taste better and create more vapor. It is recommended to rewick even a new protank coil and change the cotton every day or two to get the most life out of it.

All you need is a used protank coil, some organic cotton (organic cotton balls will work as well), and scissors (small beard trimming scissors work the best).


Take the coil out of the base it is in, remove the silicone cap and pop the coil apart/in half.  If you have never done this you simply hold each end of the coil and bend in half like you would snap a pencil in half.  The key is that you "bend" the coil in half so that the part giving is the slots in the side and it will pop right apart/in half.

Set the stem part off to the side and you should see this. There should be a couple wicks laying across the coil and another wick in the coil.  Pull them, they should slide out easily.  Make sure you get any stragglers.

*Edit: after the coil is rewicked cotton the top wicks are not needed.

All you will see is the spiraled wire coil.  To clean, rinse the coil and immediately screw the coil back into the base and put on your battery.  Fire the battery until the coil sizzles for only a second.  This will remove some of the residue. Be sure to not heat the coil until it turns red (picture below).  If the coil gets too hot it may start to melt the grommets holding the coil in place.


Now you have a coil that is as good as new.

If you need to you can gently move the coil in a position that is lined up with the slots in the side of the coil. Now get out an organic cotton ball and pull off a thin strip from it. If you look the cotton ball has a "grain" and its easier to tear a clean strip with the grain. Over time you will learn the best size piece of cotton to get it to be not too small and not too big. 

Spin the end of the cotton so that it is small enough to thread through the coil.  I usually snip the tip off so its a clean thread. Your goal is to get the cotton so that you can pull the fluffy part through the coil while it still fills the coil snugly. This isn't a huge deal when you're first doing it as you will get better.

Here there is a little resistance as the fluffy part of the cotton is pulling through.  If your fluffy part is too big and will not pull through do not worry.  If you pull it too hard it will pull the coil out.

Once you have it where you want it snip off the excess cotton and fluff up the cotton as much as you can to fill the sides of the base.

Now get some of your juice out...dragon tears

...and put one drop on the coil.  I even use the juice on the outside of the dropper to swab some juice on the cotton wick so its completely saturated, which makes even the first pull enjoyable..

All you have to do now is pop the top part of the coil back in, put on the silicone seal and enjoy the added flavor and vapor you get with organic cotton.




Please follow these instructions at your own risk.  Organic cotton is highly recommended for this tutorial.

November 16, 2013


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Thinking about trying a variable voltage battery? Voltage, ohms, and watts explained.

Skill Level:  Beginner 

Although using a variable voltage battery is not difficult and does not require the user to know any of this information, it does help to understand how changing voltage alters your vapor.  An e-cigarette creates a certain amount of power to vaporize the e-liquid.  This power is measured in watts or wattage.  Layman's terms: the higher the wattage the hotter your coil/atomizer will get.  A different wattage will completely change your vaping experience.  The flavor, vapor output (cloud size), throat hit, and atomizer life can all be altered by changing the wattage at which you vape.  Before subohm tanks, box mods, and high VG was a thing, 8 watts was considered by many to be the vaping "sweet spot".  

 So why do I keep referring to watts when when my battery only adjusts voltage.  Edit:most every vaping device is now wattage based.  Wattage is determined by the voltage (volts) of your battery in combination with the resistance (ohms) of your atomizer.  There is a standard formula called Ohms Law which is used to determine wattage : watts = (voltage x voltage) / ohms.  A freshly charged eGo battery will measure ~ 3.0-3.8 volts with a volt meter. If you were using a 2.5 ohm clearomizer/atomizer, your wattage would be (3.2 x 3.2) / 2.5 = 4.1watts.  4.1 watts is considered to be far too low to achieve an optimal vape.  Some clearomizers are available with lower resistance atomizers or even the option to replace the atomizer for a lower resistance.  Another common resistance that clearomizers and/or atomizers come in is 1.8 ohms.  Even with a 1.8 ohm atomizer, a standard 3.2 volt eGo battery would only produce (3.2 x 3.2) / 1.8 = 5.7 watts.  5.7 watts still far less than 

Using a variable voltage battery allows the user to control their own vapor by means of changing the voltage of their battery.  For example if you were using an eGo C-Twist with a 2.5ohm atomizer, you could change the voltage to 4.5 volts and vape at (4.5 x 4.5) / 2.5 = 8.1 watts, the vaping "sweet spot".  If you change to a clearomizer or atomizer with a different resistance, simply change the voltage and maintain that 8 watt sweet spot.

As I mentioned earlier, understanding this is not necessary to using a variable voltage battery.  All you have to do is play around with the different voltages until you get the vapor that works for you. If you like the idea of controlling the quality of your vapor, I highly recommend you try a variable voltage battery.  

Refer to this chart for safe voltage settings:


See you In The Clouds