$4.99 USPS Priority Mail Shipping On All Domestic Orders

What is going on with ITC's shipping?

Recently residents of Utah, California, Indiana, & Texas have not been able to place an order through our site.  Unfortunately this is not simply a processing error.  Recent laws have come into effect that make it illegal for us to ship ejuice to the aforementioned states.

In a nutshell, California and Texas require that we confirm date of birth.  If everything goes as planned we should be processing orders as usual by Friday July 8th.  

On the other hand, Indiana and Utah have taken more drastic measures to keep ejuice from entering your mailbox.  Indiana has completely sealed their borders from incoming juice orders.  Utah has eliminated online retail orders of eliquid, while those with a tobacco resale license may purchase liquids for authorized resale purposes only.  With that said, if you're looking for ITC juice in Utah be sure to demand it at your local vape shop.

Although there is an abundance of online retailers stating that they plan to ignore these laws, we at ITC plan to comply to avoid the possible repercussions in the future.

If you interested in reading more about the laws:

Utah HB 415

California SB-5

Texas SB97

Indiana 1386



Luke Gates
Luke Gates


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