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Spoon Licker OG

Product Monthly Spotlight: The New Vape OG is in Da House - Spoon Licker OG


Who doesn't have cherished memories of licking the spoon after mom finished mixing her delicious cake batter? If you could bathe in rich and creamy cake batter daily, Spoon Licker OG vape juice is the flavor for you. Spoon Licker OG tastes just like a creamy strawberry cake batter that's seconds away from being placed into the oven. You'll taste the freshness of the strawberries, the richness of the butter and the sweetness of the sugar as you take hit after hit of this remarkable flavor.


If you love creamy dessert flavors like nobody's business, you're going to be absolutely enchanted by Spoon Licker OG e-juice. This best-selling vape juice is the Product Monthly Spotlight. Therefore, we recommend stocking up before it sells out!

Spoon Licker OG delivers the mouth-watering taste of a rich and smooth cake batter that's infused with the flavor of fresh, juicy strawberries. As soon as you get your hands on this vape juice and take a whiff of its intoxicating aroma, you'll feel like you have a huge bowl of cake batter to yourself. The best part is that you can indulge in this luscious flavor for hours on end without mom telling you that you're going to get sick.

With each inhale of Spoon Licker OG e-juice, the sweet strawberry flavor dances on the taste buds. The layers of buttery flavors slowly trickle down the tongue. The sweetness of the cake batter flavor becomes more and more prominent as the vapor melts into the palate. With every exhale, you'll swear that you just licked decadent cake batter off a big wooden spoon.

Spoon Licker OG vape juice is made with food grade ingredients that are extremely high in quality. Each flavor component tastes unbelievably authentic and doesn't leave you with an artificial aftertaste. The flavoring ingredients are blended to perfection, resulting in a well-balanced taste that you'll want to hit repeatedly.

Spoon Licker OG e-liquid is an exquisite cake batter flavor that allows you to indulge for hours without any of the guilt.



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Nathan Gates
Nathan Gates


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