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Need Some VG in Your E-Liquid Batch?

DIY Vapers - Need Some VG in Your E-Liquid Batch? We Gotcha Covered!


You can't have vape juice without vegetable glycerin (VG). This sticky, thick solvent is naturally derived from plants. When blended with propylene glycol (PG), it enhances the size of vape clouds, promotes a smooth flavor, and maximizes overall vapor production. At ITC Vapes, you can buy the very best vegetable glycerin that's on the market to guarantee tasty, quality vape juices that taste great and produce enormous, puffy clouds.

ITC Vapes prides themselves on delivering the very finest VG that money can buy. The vegetable glycerin that is available is the same vegetable glycerin that goes into all their delicious vape juices. This vegetable glycerin boasts the perfect thickness to ensure huge vape clouds and a satisfyingly full flavor.

If you're a DIY vape enthusiast who makes their own e-liquids, you absolutely need this product to ensure the best quality juice possible. The juice is USP grade and contains no additives or filler ingredients. Each bottle contains 100% pure vegetable glycerin.

This high-quality product is profoundly versatile. It can handle high wattage and low resistance vaping without gunking up your coils or delivering dry hits. It possesses the perfect thickness to provide you with tremendous vapor production whenever you take a hit. The consistency is perfect for saturating your coil's cotton properly. It won't interfere with your e-juice's flavor in any way thanks to its absolute purity.

The ITC Vapes Vegetable Glycerin is highly affordable, meaning that you can stock up on loads of bottles without breaking the bank. This product is available in four different sizes. It's a completely stable product that won't expire or go rancid after sitting around for a few months.

Even if you don't make your own vape juice, you can benefit tremendously from the ITC Vapes Vegetable Glycerin. If you have an e-liquid that's heavy on the PG and you want it to produce bigger vape clouds than what you're getting, you can simply add a touch of this vegetable glycerin straight into your juice bottle. After shaking it up, you'll be on your way to cloud heaven.

If you're a DIY vape enthusiast who makes juice from scratch or you're just a vape juice connoisseur who enjoys enhancing your e-liquids, the ITC Vapes Vegetable Glycerin is exactly what you need in your collection. This high-quality product will provide you with serious vapor production and impressive vape clouds without gunking up your coils whatsoever.


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Nathan Gates


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