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Enforcing BlueCheck Age Verification

Before reading any further we would like to say that this is obviously not something we prefer to enforce.  Please refrain from sending emails complaining about submitting the last four of your social security number or your date of birth.  We get it.  We're with you. For a lack of better words, we think it is entirely BS!  

With that said, our priorities are to continue providing an affordable line of juice to our customers and offering jobs for our employees.  Without enforcing age verification, our priorities will quickly become impossibilities.  


We're finding that some orders are making their way through without successful BlueCheck age verification.  If your order succeeds without age verification it WILL NOT ship until the age verification process is completed.  No exceptions will be made.  Please save yourself the time of emailing us explaining that you already have completed the age verification process, how annoying it is to have to do it twice, etc.  We are not going to make exceptions! 

If you feel your order made it through without successful age verification:

  1. add another item to your cart
  2. proceed with the checkout process as if you were placing another order
  3. click the continue to shipping method box and the age verification window will appear
  4. complete the necessary steps to be age verified and you will be all set

If the necessary steps are not completed we will send an email with instructions on completing age verification before your order ships.

We sincerely thank you for jumping through all these hoops,


Luke Gates
Luke Gates


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