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How to build a

So you have an RDA, some wire and cotton, but you're not too sure where to go from there.  Follow along through this tutorial and you will be on your way to building coils that produce a smooth taste and monster clouds!  Building a coil isn't a difficult process by any means, but there are steps that if left undone will result in a poor vaping experience.  More about this later.  

This tutorial shows you how to create a single coil build, the build that we recommend every beginner should be starting on.  Although dual coils, twisted wire, and "Clapton" builds may sound appealing, we highly recommend starting with a single coil build.  If you are building a dual coil you simply repeat all of the steps twice.

Before we begin building our coil let's first consider safety.  Be sure to check the resistance of your build before connecting to your battery.  A 510 compatible ohm meter is highly recommended.  Please note, using a coil with too little resistance can have catastrophic results. 

To recap:

  • Check the resistance of your battery BEFORE applying power
  • Know the limitations of your mod and/or battery (amperage rating)
  • Understand Ohm's Law and the amount of current that your build will draw from the battery
  • Be careful, improperly built or powered mods can become a bomb in your hand



The absolute minimum required to build a coil is the wick material, coil material and a device to wrap the coil.  We suggest using, or at least starting with organic cotton and standard/round Kanthal wire.  A mini screwdriver kit from your local dollar store is the cheapest and easiest wrapping device (for this build we used a 2.4 mm screwdriver).

 With that said, we highly recommend a few additional tools be in your kit.  You should have:

  • Wick material
  • Coil material
  • mini screwdriver or other wrapping device
  • mini screwdriver or allen key to tighten coil
  • tweezers (ceramic tip recommended)
  • side cutters (cutting pliers) or a device to cleanly cut the kanthal wire




Nathan Gates
Nathan Gates


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