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How to get started in DIY

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The idea that was ITCVapes all started in my kitchen while concocting new recipes for my friends and family.  Creating your own juice can be fun, rewarding, and most importantly it will save you a ton of money!  What we plan to do is offer you a vast library of knowledge about DIY "juicing", from the absolute basics all the way up to some secrets to making certain recipes shine.  We have also created a forum, although a very simple forum, we will be active answering any questions and giving tips helping you make your own flavors great.  


So you're sick of trying juice that turns out to be subpar and you want to give DIY a try?  Let's begin by discussing what is actually in e-juice.  There are two main bases, VG or vegetable glycerin and PG or propylene glycol.  Most e-liquids have nicotine in them.  The nicotine is purchased premixed to a certain nicotine percentage. The nicotine is mixed in PG, VG, or a 50/50 split depending on customer preference.  The last thing in e-liquid is the flavoring that can being either natural, artificial, or a combination of the two.  Regardless of what the e-cig naysayers claim is in e-liquid, thats all there is to it.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG): VG is one of the two bases used to make e-juice.  VG is mild and slightly sweet.  The more VG your juice has in it, the bigger your vapor clouds will be.  Quality VG is very thick.  VG also does not carry flavor as well as PG.

Propylene Glycol (PG): PG is the other base used to make e-juice.  PG, along with the nicotine in your juice, is what causes the "throat hit" some people desire.  PG is thinner than VG and a juice made with more PG will create less vapor.  PG carries more flavor than VG.


VG equals: more vapor output, a smoother taste, much thicker (can cause wicking issues in tanks), and does not hold/carry flavor as well s PG

PG equals: less vapor output than VG, a bit more harsh than VG causing throat hit, thinner that VG, and holds/carries more flavor than PG.


As you may have already figured out, the most common juice ratio is 50/50 because both of them play an important role in your juice.  There are other instances where these rules can be bent when making your own juice.  For more information pertaining to VG and PG in your juice check out our blog post all about VG/PG here


Nicotine: Nicotine comes premixed in either PG, VG, or  50/50 blend of PG & VG, usually at 50 or 100 mg/ml.  You will then reduce the amount of nicotine to your desired level when you mix with the other ingredients.  For a detailed description on how to mix or cut 50 or 100 mg nicotine down to your desired level check out our blog post all about nicotine here

Concentrated nicotine is very toxic and should be handled with care!


Flavoring: As mentioned earlier, e-liquid comes with either natural flavoring, artificial flavoring, or a combination of the two.   Although there are a very select few vendors that use 100% natural flavoring, most companies use artificial flavoring or a combination of the two.  The artificial flavoring used is the same food grade flavoring used to make foods we eat.  For more information on diy juice flavoring check our our blog post all about flavoring here

Nathan Gates
Nathan Gates


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