• Bug Juice


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Bug Juice is a tangy citrus blend that is bright and fresh with minimal sweetness.

Handcrafted in and shipped from NY, USA.

This flavor contains a natural citrus ingredient which may contain small particles or "floaties".  Please do not be alarmed.

Disclaimer: All of our e-liquid blends contain 100% USP Food Grade Vegetable Gylcerin and Propylene Glycol along with natural and artificial flavoring. Except for the 0mg option, our e-liquids also contain nicotine which can be harmful or fatal. By purchasing our products you are acknowledging that you are aware that we are not liable for any allergic reactions or medical issues caused by our e-liquid. Please store e-liquid responsibly out of reach of children and pets.  Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and mouth. Nicotine is especially harmful to infants and pets!